Investing Wisely

The alien bellowed out in an animated voice, “Do I hear five million?” His black carapace shone in the springtime sun, lending an air of authority as he brandished a small, wooden tool of some kind energetically. “It’s a lovely terrace, only an hour from the CBD. You don’t find Continue Reading

A CEO of Mars

First, a preamble. This story is a touch over 12,000 words long, or a bit over twice as long as An Antibody, if you’ve read that. They’re good words, I reckon, but it’s worth noting that this is longer than most things on the internet, and be honest, you probably Continue Reading

An Antibody

The tower shines with neon and chrome in the dark night. A seventy storey steel and concrete monument to the avarice of Euphrates Corp, tinged with dazzling blues and pinks. From street level it blots out the moon. At the very top, behind innumerate layers of security, lies my best Continue Reading